About Us

Kitty Chambliss is a pen name that I use as the author of my blog, Loving Without Boundaries. My blog and this online store serve to help create more awareness and acceptance for such lifestyles and those who practice them, as well as provide me with a vehicle to share knowledge and positive creative energy that I have gained though my experiences and explorations being polyamorous.

The Loving Without Boundaries Store is a creative initiative built by the people that bring you the LWB website and revolution. Our mission is to promote healthy relationships, loving responsibly and acceptance of alternative lifestyles – any way we can. The proceeds go to helping keep the Loving Without Boundaries blog and mission going and to the artists. We love to create, celebrate courage and growth and spread love! Enjoy and share!

I believe in loving freely, honestly and openly and having sex-positive relationships if I so choose with my loved ones. I partly live my life based on the motto that “sex is fun and pleasure is good for you.” I believe in feeling love deeply and expressing it openly, and exploring where it takes me. I welcome others to learn and possibly share in the joy of loving without boundaries – if you so choose. Enjoy and share!